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Jingles that sound great and cost less


Identify your station with great imaging

It’s important for radio station owners to let listeners know who they are listening to. You want them to remember you so they can return to your station, and advertisers need to know too – they may want to book commercial time with you or on your station’s website.

But above all, having a good station ID jingle does add a bit of polish and professionalism to any broadcaster’s output.

Keep it simple – keep it professional

You may not be able to get a fully sung jingle, but to be honest, who uses them now? The stations we listen to use processed voice overs punctuated with powerful imaging elements.

Team members Steve and Jodie can voice IDs for you – take a listen. They’ll read your words, process the vocals, and add imaging to deliver a completed jingle ready for broadcast for just US$19.95 per jingle.

Here’s our Steve’s demo reel…

Teerex Radio…Probably
Positively Classical
Magic Colour
London accent
Station ID bundle

And this is Jodie’s demo reel…

Book your custom jingle here – $19.95 for one jingle

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